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About Simplicity
Simplicity is an award-winning enterprise resource planning system (ERP system) that increases profits and business performance. Whether working in the office or remotely, Simplicity enables accurate and efficient estimating, order management, job management, invoicing, and reporting.

Simplicity is a pioneer in the resource planning field, and was first developed in 1987 for a leading construction company that found existing systems too difficult to use or too inflexible to support their requirements. The initial requirement was to develop a system that was simple to use while housing a database of over 42,000 schedules and rates. Thus Simplicity was born.

Since that time Simplicity has evolved into a sophisticated data management solution owned by Ultra Nova Coding. The system is now offered to a wide range of sectors, with the flexibility to adapt functionality to different business models and requirements. Nevertheless Simplicity stays true to its name and is the application that makes information management and resource planning simple.

About Ultra Nova Coding
Over the years Simplicity had excelled in streamlining processes and improving profitability for the construction company that commissioned it. So much so that many of their suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers had requested rights to use Simplicity and had been setup on customised versions of their own. So in 2001 Ultra Nova Coding was founded to commercialise Simplicity for other companies and markets.

As a development company that had a strongly demanded product from the outset, Ultra Nova Coding has been able to focus on adding new functionality for different markets and excelling in customer service.

Today the company has a successfully track record in providing Simplicity to customers in a wide range of sectors, from construction companies to local authorities, property rental and facilities management companies, hire companies, estate agents and a variety of service industries.

Ultra Nova Coding Ltd is registered in England and Wales, registration number 04235431.

Award Winning
Ultra Nova Coding was awarded the DTI’s eCommerce Award for Simplicity, in the ‘Best Use of Mobile and Wireless’ category; recognising Simplicity’s innovation in its remote working capabilities that support a mobile workforce.

Sage Developer
Ultra Nova Coding is a fully accredited Sage Developer, offering seamless integration between Sage and Simplicity. Our expert trainers are accredited Sage trainers, who can help maximise your use of both systems.


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  Award Winning
  Simplicity was
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eCommerce Award for ‘Best use of Mobile and Wireless’.
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  Sage Developer
  A fully accredited
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